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Breathe humanity into your creations using the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Create expressive game characters, personal assistants and digital beings with personality, insight and understanding.

Software tools where as and when you need them.

Integrate our AI tools into your digital experiences easily to create digital characters, for games and beyond. Access our AI from our servers via the cloud, or deploy onto your servers or embed them into distributed player devices.

Game authoring but not as you know it.

Breathe life into your characters in games, VR and beyond using our authoring toolset to give them persistent personalities and emotions that appear human-like in response to game play. Then create natural dialogue easily with our proprietary scripting tools, which free conversations from dialogue trees, and make them feel far more dynamic and lifelike.

You’ll also give characters understanding of the world and time they inhabit so they respond to users and other characters dynamically as the game develops.

Auto-generated yet creatively sculpted conversations that feel real.

Endow your characters with dialogue that flows freely through speech and text. Our natural language processors understand players in context, enabling your characters to select the best response from their scripted lines or to auto-generate dialogue based on knowledge models of the world you give them.

Beautifully designed UI

Benefit from content creation tools that make it easy to understand the development process. Relationship and visualisation tools help the creative team model the narrative as well as the storyline and scenes. Testing tools make it easy to test individual lines, a scene or the whole story arc. Access analytics into areas of conversation that could be improved. Export training data for machine learning, so that writers can benefit from this technology without needing to be engineers.

Where will your creativity take you?