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Humans and AI: Everything in Moderation

Mashable posted a recent opinion piece which summarises some of the recent moves by large tech companies and online platforms to do something about the problem of harassment and toxicity. In short, at long last, we are acknowledging that there is a problem. And, crucially, that something needs to be done about it. But, is there a problem with throwing more human moderators at the problem, as the author suggests? And, what about AI?

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Mobile Games are the Future, but could the Future of Mobile Games Could Be Story-Driven Games with AI Characters?

Spirit AI’s Character Engine v0.6 adds support for mobile, which means that we make it easier to create mobile games featuring dynamic, powerful, AI-driven NPCs, or even apps featuring responsive and naturalistic digital assistants. What does this mean for the future of mobile games and apps?


Facebook using AI as suicide detection & intervention

Last year, Facebook announced an initiative to use AI for suicide detection and intervention. This points to a greater trend of using AI techniques working together with humans to take positive action.


It’s 2018! Here’s to living in the future, and some goals:

Happy New Year! Here's to 2018, and a chance to craft the futures we want to see for virtual characters, entertainment, our online communities and beyond.

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AI which responds to players’ intentions is more fun, study reveals

Researchers at NC State University found that AI which is 'intentional' - and gauges a player's intentions and what they are likely to want - is more enjoyable to interact with than AI which does not.

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Millions of Faked Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments – The Importance of AI for Detection

AI-driven natural language processing techniques unearthed millions of faked form submissions in support of repealing net neutrality. Given the real-life consequences of this, it shows how AI is crucial in establishing the authenticity of online comments.


Peter Alau joins Spirit AI to lead Business Development in Bay Area


Andy Brammall, former Unity Technical Sales Director, joins Spirit AI

Andy served as Technical Sales Director EMEA at Unity Technologies for seven years -- and now joins the Spirit AI team to lead our sales division.


Spirit AI Feature in Edge Magazine

There's a big feature about us in this month's Edge magazine (E 308) - pick it up in-stores or online to see what we are up to.


Spirit AI Launch Roundup – GDC to Develop

In an eventful few months for Spirit AI, we had an incredibly successful showing at GDC, had a Hollywood actress interact with a Character Engine powered demo in front of a live audience at London Games Festival, and now -- we're nominated for a Develop Award!


Spirit @ Game Developers Conference 2017

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